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Table of Contents

The older you get, the more you notice how you resemble your parents. It goes beyond simple things like hair and eye color; you can see shades of your mom and dad in your personality more clearly now. Genetics plays a humongous role in our lives, and that includes our oral health. Did you know your family history can impact your risk of gum disease in Orlando? Dr. Ziyad Maali wants you to know a little more about this connection, as well as what you can do about it.


Gum Disease Is Actually The Most Common Disease In The U.S. Numerous things can cause it, and fortunately, many of them are in your control. Consistent oral hygiene and not using tobacco are two of the best ways for you to prevent gum disease over the long term. However, One Risk Factor That You Can’t Control Is Genetics.

It can’t be overstated how much genetics affect your life. They influence just about everything about you, and that includes your proclivity for gum disease. If either one of your parents is prone to gum disease, it is likely that you are too. This could come from a variety of factors, including a tendency for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or cancer. Anything that affects blood flow can potentially lead to gum disease because a lack of flow to the gums can leave them vulnerable to gum disease.


As we mentioned before, the best things you can do to prevent gum disease are to brush and floss your teeth and avoid tobacco. Many people miss cleaning along the gum line entirely because they only focus on their teeth. Your gums are just as important. They help bring essential blood to the area and protect the sensitive enamel around your teeth’s roots. Anything that affects them affects your teeth, and this is why Gum Disease Is One Of The Leading Causes Of Tooth Loss.
You should also be sure to Regularly Visit Your Family Dentist In Orlando. This will give Dr. Maali and his team the chance to clean your teeth and gums much deeper than you can at home. It will also give Dr. Maali an opportunity to look at your gums and spot the early signs of gum disease. Usually, it can be treated by simply brushing along the gums more often, but may require additional treatment if it has advanced enough. These regular check-ups can help catch your gum disease before it gets to that point, which can save you both time and discomfort.


Whether you have a family history of gum disease or not, there are multiple things you can do to take care of your gums. It just takes a little awareness during your normal oral hygiene routine, along with regular visits to Sand Lake Family Dental.
If you have any other questions about genetics and gum disease, or what you can do to protect yourself from it, Please Give Us A Call Today.