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Table of Contents

Summer 2021 is finally here! After more than a year in quarantine, you’re excited to have some adventures and looking forward to spending time with people again—until you remember that your smile doesn’t look as good as you wish it did. Feeling self-conscious about your teeth can cause you to hide or be more timid in social situations or in photos. But your smile doesn’t have to ruin your summer plans! Here are Cosmetic Dental Procedures that can get you ready to have the perfect summer.


If you have small gaps between your teeth, chips, cosmetic cracks, or other aesthetic problems with your teeth, veneers are a great option for correction. They are durable and can last more than 15 years when properly maintained. These thin sheaths are made of ceramic material, but they reflect light just like natural teeth.
One of the disadvantages of veneers is that it’s a permanent procedure, meaning your cosmetic dentist will remove some of your enamel. However, with thinner Lumineers, you can alter how your teeth look without taking away any of your healthy tooth structures.


With Snap-On Smile®, you can transform your entire grin instantly. Similar to Lumineers, Snap-On Smile® is a restoration that doesn’t require enamel removal. It is simply attached to the teeth. In fact, it covers the whole arch of teeth as it snaps into place. Snap-On Smile® is durable enough that you can eat with it in your mouth and wear it all day every day!


For some teeth, such as those that are small, badly damaged, or even missing, you can’t use veneers or Lumineers to cover them up. These teeth require a full restoration in order to give you both strong aesthetics and function. Fortunately, crowns and bridges can be made entirely of porcelain, replicating natural teeth so perfectly that even you could forget which teeth are natural and which are prosthetic.


What if your smile doesn’t need an entire overhaul? What if it’s just yellow and needs a little sprucing up? Improvements to your teeth don’t always entail an entire smile makeover. In fact, many people just want to whiten their teeth and do it quickly. Fortunately, your dentist can take years of stains off your teeth in about an hour! The powerful professional solution obviously works much faster than anything you can find at the store or online and is done in one treatment, not over two weeks.
Regardless of your summer plans, you should feel confident. You deserve to live in the moment and enjoy yourself instead of worrying about how your teeth look. One of these treatments may help you have the self-assurance to let your smile show!


Dr. Ziyad Maali has been practicing dentistry for many years in Orlando at Sand Lake Dental. He actually grew up here attending local schools, including the University of Florida College of Dentistry. In addition to the American Dental Association and Florida Dental Association, he is a proud member of the Dental Society of Greater Orlando and the Academy of General Dentistry. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Maali, you can contact Sand Lake Dental through the Website or call the office at 407-255-2391.