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Table of Contents

When you’re missing one or more of your teeth, life becomes challenging. Biting, chewing, and eating are more difficult, and as a result, your diet and nutrition may suffer. Missing teeth also take a toll on your self-esteem because you may feel embarrassed about talking and smiling in front of others. When your confidence is low it affects your personal and professional relationships. The good news is that dental implants are offering patients options for replacing their teeth that are better than ever, and mini implants are able to help patients who may not have the ideal bone support for regular implants. Here’s more information on mini dental implants versus regular Dental Implants in Orlando.


Implants are the best option for replacing a missing tooth because they replace both your root and your tooth. Your new root is made of titanium, which is biocompatible and easily integrates with your bone, creating a stable foundation for your new tooth, which is a porcelain crown. Your new root ensures that your bone stays healthy and stimulated and protects against resorption, or bone loss.
Your new tooth is a durable, high-quality porcelain crown that is custom designed to match your existing teeth. Because it naturally complements your smile, no one will ever know you were missing a tooth. Replacing your missing tooth ensures that your remaining healthy teeth do not shift, which puts them at risk for fractures, damage, and further loss.
Dental implants are ideal for replacing one or two missing teeth. They also work best for patients who are in good health and have enough bone structure to support the implant. What are the options for patients who are missing multiple teeth or all of their teeth? This is where mini dental implants are effective.


Mini Dental Implant functions the same way a regular dental implant does except that the root is significantly smaller. This works well for patients who may not have as much bone structure or a smaller arch. Mini implants often require less time to place and they create a stable foundation for supporting dentures that can be utilized on the same day in some cases. These implants are ideal for current denture wearers who are looking for a more secure fit, or those who may be considering dentures as an option in the future.
Dr. Ziyad Maali and his highly skilled team at Sand Lake Family Dental specialize in helping patients replace missing teeth and restore form and function to their smiles. Dr. Maali understands how challenging missing teeth can be for patients and this is why he offers both traditional dental implants as well as mini dental implants in Orlando. He has had many hours of advanced training and is able to both surgical place and restore your implant in the comfort of our office.
When you work with Dr. Maali you’ll be getting a restoration that you can trust and be proud of for years to come. Contact our office today to learn more about all of our dental services.