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Table of Contents

Even the most thorough, consistent at-home hygiene routines have their flaws. There are even tiny crevices on the surfaces of teeth that cannot be accessed by an individual toothbrush bristle. That’s why the American Dental Association recommends patients visit the dentist two times each year. In most cases, this is sufficient to keep teeth healthy, but for those patients who suffer from periodontal (gum) disease or who struggle with tooth decay, more frequent visits may be necessary. If you’re looking for a Dentistry home in Orlando, the skilled Dentist and team at Sand Lake Family Dental are here to help.


Regular, professional teeth cleanings with our team remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria that lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Some of the many benefits of regular preventive cleanings include:

  • Save money – early diagnosis and conservative treatment are possible for most oral health concerns with regular preventive checkups and cleanings saving patients time and money on future dental care. Additionally, most preventive care is covered at 100% by dental insurance whereas more complex procedures are covered at lower percentages.
  • Whiter smiles – professional cleanings remove stains caused by coffee or tea drinking and consuming other staining foods and beverages. This helps patients keep their smiles whiter and brighter through the years.
  • Better breath – halitosis, consistent bad breath, is caused by bacteria in the mouth. Like other living organisms, bacteria consume and digest nutrients, and they excrete waste. The sticky, acidic biofilm produced by oral bacteria is often referred to as plaque. When left unremoved, plaque and bacteria buildup leads to bad breath.
  • Improved overall health – periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults over 30, has been linked to pre-term and low-weight births, and may lead to or worsen chronic or systemic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. Regular cleanings are an excellent way to prevent gum disease and diagnose and treat it in the earliest stages.
  • Oral cancer detection – according to the Oral Cancer Foundation, one person in the US dies every hour from oral cancer. Their recommendation for decreasing the number of oral cancer deaths is to take steps toward early detection. Routine cleanings make it possible for oral cancer to be diagnosed and treated in earlier stages improving the odds of successful treatment.


Keep up with your dental checkups and teeth cleaning in Orlando to maintain the optimal level of oral health. Contact Sand Lake Family Dental to schedule your comprehensive examination and teeth cleaning today.