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Table of Contents

Are you upset with dental imperfections that spoil your smile? Chips, cracks, stains, and oddly shaped teeth embarrass teens and older adults. DrZiyad Maali offers porcelain veneers and no-prep Lumineers at Sand Lake Dental in Orlando. Do you need them?


The smile zone is a nickname for the teeth in the front of your mouth that are visible when you smile, laugh or talk. So many times, these teeth are perfectly healthy but are spoiled by cosmetic imperfections such as hairline cracks, chips, deep stains, gaps, or crowding.
Extensive repair with dental crowns or orthodontics is not always necessary. A consultation with your cosmetic dentist in Orlando, Dr. Ziyad Maali, would tell you if porcelain veneers, or dental laminates, could correct your smile zone and give you that winning smile you’ve always dreamed of.
These tooth-like shells of dental porcelain bond to the front of damaged teeth, improving their strength, shape, size, alignment, and color. Permanent and durable, porcelain veneers blend well with the individual’s natural tooth color, smile width, and facial features.


Dr. Maali first determines if your teeth are healthy enough to receive porcelain veneers.  He looks for decay and Gum Disease which, if untreated, disqualify a patient from getting dental laminates. He also takes X-rays, photos, and other images to construct a treatment plan. He discusses the patient’s needs and wants and presents options. He offers no-prep Lumineer veneers for patients who want a reversible treatment similar to traditional veneers.
With traditional veneers, Dr. Maali removes a ½ mm slice of enamel from the front side of each tooth which will receive a laminate. He takes oral impressions to send to the dental lab where a technician constructs a three-dimensional model of the individual’s mouth. The technician uses great artistic skill to craft each veneer with just the right shape and shade.
During the second appointment, Dr. Maali mounts the veneers. He uses a permanent adhesive and cures it with a special light. He ensures the bite and fit are perfect.
Most patients find they adjust their porcelain veneers very quickly. At home, they brush with quality fluoride toothpaste each day and floss in between teeth as usual. Dr. Maali encourages avoiding staining beverages and extra-hard foods such as peanut brittle to ensure veneers stay in place and do not chip or crack. He likes to see all his cosmetic dentistry patients every six months for preventive exams and cleanings.


Often, porcelain veneers are part of a total smile makeover. Dr. Maali and his team at Sand Lake Family Dental offer other aesthetic treatments such as professional teeth whitening, Invisalign clear aligners, and tooth-colored fillings for smiles that look great and perform for life.

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