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As a parent, one of the crucial roles we play is teaching our kids about self-care. Pediatric dentistry in Orlando, FL is a key part of this task. Our aim is to help kids older than 7 years old grasp the importance of dental health, instruct them on proper care for their teeth, and underscore the long-term benefits. Dental health, though sometimes overlooked, is fundamental for overall wellbeing. By fostering a strong oral hygiene routine early on, we’re setting our kids on a path to enjoy better dental health throughout their life.

An established oral hygiene routine is essential if one is to retain an attractive, functional smile. It is also important for one’s general health since poor oral hygiene and dental problems have been proven to be a contributing factor in the development of a number of medical conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and even cancer.

Pediatric dentistry services offered by our dentists are invaluable in helping to keep your child’s teeth in the best health possible. 


Many pediatric dentistry services are not all that dissimilar to the services that we receive as an adult. However, there are additional elements that uniquely apply to children. Exactly what pediatric dentistry services your dentist provides will vary, but typically you can expect:

  1. Regular appointments for dental check-ups (often family block appointments are available so that you can have all of your
    children are seen at once for added convenience)
  2. Cavity risk assessments
  3. Professional cleaning, including any fluoride treatments deemed necessary
  4. Assessment for potential orthodontic problems such as poor alignment or an over/under/crossbite
  5. Care and management for gum issues
  6. Assessment for issues such as bruxism (teeth grinding)
  7. General advice on nutrition and proper brushing techniques


As a responsible and loving parent, you are committed to both your child’s dental health and ensuring that they receive the care and compassion that they deserve from their dentist.  For more information on pediatric dentistry services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Table of Contents


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